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Thank to modern information technologies available for most of us, life is getting much more simple than it used to be. This is applied to studying as well – if you have any troubles with understanding any topic from your school curricula or prepare for college admissions, you don't have to rush to your teacher. Instead, you may find tutor online.

Being a student myself, I often feel the need of professional help with some homework and tests, so from time to time I use online tutoring service to find professional teachers that would explain thing to me that school teachers failed to do. And the reviews you will read here are based on the result of me addressing the best tutoring companies. Hopefully these free reviews will help other students in finding proper online tutoring websites.

How Do Online Tutoring Work?

Online tutoring services usually includes several tools and techniques, but all of them are addressing the learning process and are used to help students improve their grades and facilitate the regular learning process. At most of online tutoring reviews the forms of tutoring offered by various site. But mostly tutors give their lessons online with the help of web­camera, audio or chat, or sometimes through recorded videos. This is very helpful for students like me who often study late at night and have no opportunity to travel to teacher's house or attend the learning center. But what to look at in order to choose best? Here are couple things to pay attention to.

1. Age Coverage.

It is essential that you can get professional help despite the academic level you are at. Yet there are some tutoring services that only provide teachers working with kindergarten kids. Some broaden their area up to K­12, and smaller percentage offering help to college and university students. That is why you should always check this point out before you sing up for the service.

2. Subject Coverage.

You might be surprised, but with the number of professional teachers specializing in all subject there are still some sites limiting themselves to only couple subjects, like sciences. It is not convenient for customers. If you are planning on using the site more quite some tie, make sure they offer help in subjects you will be learning in some time. Otherwise you will have to sign up to multiple sites soon.

3. Technologies.

In order to achieve better results and build stronger connection between tutor and student technologies should be used. These include several techniques. The most useful are video chats and voice chats, as well as interactive 'virtual whiteboard'. These help achieving better learning process and ease the process of dealing with issues and tasks much easier for all participants.

4. Tutors.

You might think this one is too obvious, as online tutoring services for sure have someone offering help to students. But there is a huge difference between the quality of tutoring you get from people who are only on the website for some extra money to their main job, and those teachers that have enough academic and educational prospects to really inspire you are a student and make your learning process live and interesting. The best tutors reviews would be included in articles you find here on the website, but also try to research the site where you can read details on their recruitment process. This way you will be able to make sure they are only hiring best professionals.

5. Flexibility.

As mentioned, I often do my homework and test preps late at night, and it is hard for me to adapt to other people's schedules. That is why services offering 24/7 access to tutorial help were appreciated a lot. Thus make sure the site has at least 'question­answer' feature available whenever you need. If you are planning long­term tutoring on specific topic, or you are preparing for any kind of test in advance, you may as well benefit from sites allowing you to set the pace and specify some details concerning your sessions.

What it the Pricing?

Usually online tutoring services have two types of fees you would pay. The first one is when you pay only per minute you communicate with a tutor (or per hour sometimes). In such case additional educational services are free­or­charge. Another type of fees are monthly – you pay for monthly subscription and will have a free unlimited access to all the tutors and services that are available. Most of site are as well offering discounts for military families and those who pay for services being provided to more than one child (this is another reason to subject and age coverage to be that important).

The Bottom Line

Taking into consideration all the mentioned it might seem getting a professional tutoring help is a hard task to accomplish, but you should never get despaired. With plenty of information resources you can use this shouldn't create too much trouble for you. Just be sure you pay attention to tutoring site reviews you find online and here on the service, and compare the offers from different agencies.