WyzAnt.com review

WyzAnt Tutoring Review: Finding Professional Tutors Has Never Been Easier

Studying process is not easy today, and taking into consideration the admissions to colleges and universities that are getting much more complex from year to year, students like me need professional help with some school subjects. Good understanding of core subjects is essential at any stage of education, both at elementary and high school, so if you or your child is struggling with any subject, you should look for professional tutoring at www.wyzant.com. In this WyzAnt review I will tell you more about it.

WyzAnt Tutoring is an online service where parents and students can look up for the tutors in the neighborhood and set up a meeting with one. As one of the leading online tutoring marketplaces in United States, it has more than 70,000 tutors in the database, ready to provide private lessons and help school kids with understanding hundreds of subjects. These include foreign languages, science, math or various test preparations at any academic level.

Small Historical Reference

The history of the service starts in 2005 when two Princeton graduates who started teaching offline decided to improve their online presence and make finding students easier. In ten years after the wyzant.com became available, millions of parents and students have found professional help at numerous education issues and improved their grades, preparing for tests and admissions. And so can do you – sign in and try.

Today the service is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and tutors in all metropolises of United States. It focuses mainly on two things – one is helping their customers finding good teachers and thus improve their academic success. Another one is providing independent tutors with jobs and convenient professional platform that will help them get as much work as they are able to handle and promote their services. This makes WyzAnt great place for everyone.

How Does WyzAnt Work?

A simple and intuitively understandable interface will not make you lose your precious time – to proceed with the teacher researching you will have to enter your zip code and the subject you need help with. After that you would be redirected to the page where all the tutors available nearby your area are be enlisted, with their full profiles and pictures. You are allowed to brush through all of them.

If you are interested, you can see when the potential tutor signed in, read brief bio and look through the reviews and complaints (if there are any) from past customers – they take good care of their clients and provide only high­professional experience. That is why they don't filter customers leave at the website. You can even run a background check if you wish. Once you've located a good match in your area, contacting them is doesn't require any payment – I've just left the request and got response in couple hours. WyzAnts keeps all the communication secure and safe, so you shouldn't be worried about any issues you discuss with professionals both online and offline.

If you don't want to spend too much of your time on finding legit teacher, take advantage of “Request a Tutor” service. To do that you will have to sign­in and fill in a questionnaire where your needs are specified. Wyzant tutoring reviews show that 99% of the requests end in positive matches. After filling in you will get messages from up to five local professionals willing to fulfill your requirements. In addition you will be able to get access to useful resources at the website, which include interactive blogs, lessons and Q&A on the topics you are interested in.

Good Fit Guarantee and Pricing

Signing up for the WyzAnt is absolutely free, yet you will have to choose the payment method for your account at the service before you book the first session with the chosen tutor. There are no hidden costs, no scams or contracts. You simply choose card, PayPal or checks. After you choose the mode, there are two ways that you can pay – either Pay as You Go, which means you will be charged after each tutoring session; or Pre­Purchase, when you simply buy a package. This will save you about 15%. If you are considering teaching for WyzAnt, you should know that the company charges as much as 40% for their services, meaning tutors only get 60% of what they are paid. You can come across Wyzant tutoring complaints about it on Yelp and other services, but it needs to be said that the amount of money tutor gets for a lesson will increase with time and thanks to positive reviews.

There is also a “Good Fit Guarantee” option. Thanks to this one you are promised to get the money you've paid for the first hour with every tutor back if the session you have together was not satisfying for you. The refunding process can be initiated through email or via phone (you can find the phone numbers at homepage of the website).

Can You Benefit from WyzAnt Tutoring?

Wyzant tutoring reviews and customer feedback show that WyzAnt service is a competitive one, which is seriously focused on providing the easy and effective tutor searching and hiring process, and if you need to find local tutor, you will be able to get the best match at the service. Sing in, find the tutor you need and get the best experience!