As a school kid, I feel the competition between all the students, and the need to  succeed the competition, as tests for entering the universities are getting more complex. Thus, students put more effort into studying. And finding a proper test-prep service is an additional point to future success.

School programs tend to get complex as well, and together with the fear of falling behind, preparation for admission tests can trouble students a lot. Yet, test prep should be a greater part of their daily routines. Home-based teaching service – such as Varsity Tutors is an effective tool that helped me and for sure would help you too.
Varsity  is a service created for helping students at all academic levels with learning and preparation for all academic tests. Founded in 2007 in order to improve academic achievements of students and help them find the best professionals on any subject they might have troubles with, it now has more that 1,600 professionals working for you all over United States.
How Does it Work?
As mentioned, the company was started in 2007 as private tutor service by Chuck Cohn, while he was still an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis. Soon after that, mainly because of the high demand and rates of students who improved their academic excellence with their help, the company had grown into a larger corporation with centers working in 14 major metropolitan areas, Chicago, Seattle, NYC. Besides from Cohn as director, there are about 60 employees and hundreds of tutors all over US.
The main priority of Varsity is home-based tutoring, but the teaching process is supplemented with mobile apps developed by the company, online tools and other technologies focused at test preparation. Focusing on tutor excellence, they increase your academic success. Personalized service and modern technological resources make clients develop professionally in positive learning atmosphere, and it brings the company impressive annual growth rate. Reviews and feedback only supports this fact.
Varsity is a positive experience for tutors and workers as well. Having built a successful company that works effectively, CEO and managers take care of their workers' well-being, making sure that employees are valued. The salary depends on the amount and quality of work they do, and workers are provided with the amount of work they are able to accomplish. Reviews show that teaching in the company is one of the most unique experience for tutors, as well as the busy time.
Teaching Experience at Varsity
The salary at Varsity generally varies depending on the city – there is a slight difference between hourly costs in Atlanta and San Diego. The same with subject tutoring, but mostly you will be paid between $20 and $25 per hour. This makes teachers a nice job with nice payments, and adequate pricing for clients like me. If you want to, you can choose to work as an external tutor who meets students in person, or stay an online, backup tutor. In the latter, to work you will only have to log in and be available for students at the website.
Having some of the strictest requirements towards tutors, Varsity has intense job interview, and often candidates with perfect SAT are rejected. That is, to be a good tutor you don't only have to be well-educated and be good in subject you are teaching, but also be an excellent teacher that is able to explain the most complex issues. That is why candidates who desire to work for the company are literally asked to show how they are planning to teach their subject during their job interview.
How to Use the Service?
For sure, online consultations are useful when you need immediate help with some topic, but if you are planning on successfully passing the admissions and even purport for the scholarship, personal one-on-one classes with tutors is a better choice. Finding legit tutor for you is simple – just choose the subject you have troubles with on the website.
To get the tutoring info in Houston or Austin, or any other city, you should choose the location, provide your personal information such as full name, email address and phone number. Add tutoring needs (subject and the best time to contact you), and soon you will get everything you need to know about the opportunities available at your city.
No scams, guaranteed security for all your personal information, including addresses and topics you asked to help with, and professional tutoring help at adequate cost. There are more and more people coming to Varsity every day, finding the best professional tutoring and help, and leaving positive reviews and feedback. Join the educating and loving family now! Read the review on professional tutoring service