Club Z! Tutoring Review: Only Positive Experience

Learn why Club Z is the right service for you

Here is new to my tutoring reviews at – Club Z Tutoring service. Just like any school kid, I have troubles with understanding school subjects from time to time. Preparation for tests such as SAT, GMAT or LSAT is another troubling thing. And there are basically two ways to deal with it – the first one (the harder one) is struggling through the learning process yourself and get frustrated. Or the easier and the more effective one – find a professional to help you.

As from bad teacher you often get more harm than use, it is essential that you find a good match person that is able to adapt to your needs. And I was able to find such excellent tutor through Clubz. They help specific tutors meet specific students, and according to club z reviews, the service has high training standards.

History and Perspectives of Service

The history of the service starts in Tampa, Florida, in 1995, and in three years they began offering a franchise opportunity. That is, for today there are more that 400 independently operated Club Z tutoring centers all over United States as well as couple ones in Canada. This makes it the largest service providing in-home tutoring.

If you are interested in helping students and teachers find each other in your city and state, it might be a nice idea to purchase a franchise and run Club Z tutoring yourself. There are several advantages and perspectives in buying franchise, such as low on-going expenses due to in-home services and no need in physical location of the center. Yet, there is also an online training program for students, as well as one for teacher certification.

Club Z! For Owners: Revenues

If you are considering becoming an owner of Club Z Tutoring, it should be mentioned that there is high opportunity of fast return of investments you will make. Basically, there are three main revenues for this. First of all, besides from being a genuine one-on-one service where one student gets undivided attention from tutor, the program can used for a group of students. There is nothing bad in being tutored in group – sometimes it is even more helpful to have someone of your age around you. This may help understanding some topics faster and better. And this will save tutor's time and increase income.

Preparation for tests is a big thing today, and as service is offering preparation programs for almost all US tests. This can make the significant part of total revenue of franchisee. There are proprietary materials at, so one can use them to offer training in person or online.

Due to the process of globalization and wide Internet access, online services are getting more and more in demand. Having a nice competition in the area, Clubz is known for providing better results both in personal service and online one. Thanks to wide variety of options you can as well accommodate the franchise to your needs. For instance, as a student I often need help with subjects late at night. And having online tutor to address is a nice thing.

The Key to Success

Club Z is one of the largest and the most popular services providing in-home tutoring assistance, and there are several good reasons for this. The main is the teaching programs it offers are well-researched and they are effective. The best proof of success is number of students who used the Club Z service and improved their grades by two letters withing about couple months. Reviews show that those student ordering test preps have also shown high results.

Club Z in-home tutoring services are beneficial for everyone who is into it – first of all, it offers jobs for professional teachers. Parents appreciate the opportunity as they usually don't have much time to help their kids with homework. And I can assure you it is much better to be teaching at your own home. Being offered a personalized tutoring program, I actually got full tutoring service in couple sessions.

The Bottom Line

According to the rates, is the best place to go for professional help with subjects if you are a student, as well as for getting a feasible amount of work in case you want to be a tutor. And purchasing a franchise will be profitable in long-term perspective. Generally, prices are defined by franchise owners, but mostly they vary between $50 and $85, which is both good for students and teachers.

The Club z tutoring reviews tell it is a synonym for high-quality tutoring and general educational assistance at any academic level, from elementary and simple study skills programs throughout the adult life. Customer service is ready to answer any question you have.