Tutorvista.com Review

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Everything You Want to Know about Service Tutorvista.com

When it comes to studying, there is very little percentage of modern children that don’t get frustrated by today's curricula and complex tests they have to pass on almost all academic levels, from first grades of school and all the way up to university or college. But as admissions are getting more and more difficult every year, and as a school kid I know the need in quality tutoring help being available any time needed.

The Tutorvista is one of the resources where I found professional tutors online at affordable costs. One of the numerous education companies in the world, it was created in 2005. Soon after being opened to public it became one of the most popular education resources. Due to simple interface and democratic costs, online tutoring is gaining more popularity among young people.

How Does It Work?

At tutorvista.com students of any age, starting from pre-school to college and university can get professional tutoring help depending on their needs. To look through the subjects you can get a professional help in, you don’t need to log in, but simply select the discipline - Science, Grammar or Languages - and see what you are offered.

Tutorvista reviews show that one of the main pros of the service is a database of highly educated tutors. There are more than 2000 teachers from United States, India, China, United Kingdom, South East Asia and a lot more. Meeting the high demands of the service, they are available for you no matter what part of the world coming from, and will make education a fun and interesting process for you. For today site has more than 5 million sessions that were opened by students worldwide, and you can get to these impressive numbers in couple clicks.

The tutoring sessions take place in secure virtual classrooms where tutor vista teachers and students can use whiteboard or chatbox, or combine both to solve the complicated problems students can have troubles with. The program doesn’t require any specific software both from tutor and student - simple computer and Internet access would be more than enough to teach and be tutored.

What is good for students is the fact that tutors are available at the website 24/7. So if you need immediate help with any subject or test prep, there is no need in coordinating with tutor’s schedule. Most tutor vista reviews tell it is better to set for permanent teacher in order build better interpersonal understanding, to focus better on the subject and progress better throughout the following sessions. But I preferred to ask for immediate help when I needed.

Costs and Refund Policy

The fees for the subscription depend on the subject the you need help with, and its level - math for elementary school would be cheaper than algebra for high-schoolers - as well as on the number of sessions needed. For instance, the fees range from $49.99 to get unlimited weekly access to tutoring at K-12 level, and $374.99 in order to achieve three month of free access to tutoring service at College level.

In case something goes wrong with tutoring, you can withdraw your subscription during the 30 days after you have paid for it. If you do this, you will get a refund for the remaining time of the subscription, but not the full price. After the thirty days expire you cannot demand a refund.

Customer Service and Reputation

Customer support is the key part of any website that provides services for people, and Tutorvista is not an exception. In case you have any questions about tutoring, prices or schedules, you can submit any complaints or ask for guidance by phone (888-972-9495), or by email (Info@TutorVista.com). Operators are ready to help you with solving any issues that might be preventing you from getting help.

After some research I've  is a number of negative tutorvista reviews and complaints about the service, mainly on the fact that unlimited tutoring doesn’t mean the tutors at the subjects they are interested in are always available online.